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Hi, I'mSteph Tranter

I can help you to…

  • Figure out where to go next in your career,
  • Manage stress, prevent burnout and regain balance
  • Be more you in how you live, work and lead
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Steph Tranter
Steph Tranter

About my coaching style

I am a hybrid Executive Coach, merging the worlds of coaching and therapy (hence the hybrid).

My 121 coaching programmes are for Senior Leaders and Directors in business. They are practical and work based, but fundamentally focused on delving deeper than most Executive Coaching so that the real issues are uncovered and dealt with, and the desired changes stick.

This means at times, the coaching might feel challenging and uncomfortable, but that's a good thing as it's a sign that progress is being made.

I'm also a massive believer in helping you to figure out (and more importantly) value what makes you uniquely you. So we'll focus a lot on your natural strengths and how you can play to them in all you do.

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My Coaching Style

How my coaching works

I work 121 with you over 6 months on a personalised programme to fit your specific needs.

My coaching programmes help you by exploring the whole of you, not just you at work. We will identify what makes you both human and unique, and co-create personalised strategies to:

Create self-belief

Create self-belief

Through finding and harnessing your natural strengths and energy.

Define your identity

Define your Identity

By gaining clarity on who you are, what you stand for, and what you love to do.

Build Personal Resilience

Build Personal Resilience

By managing your emotions better to reduce stress and transform the way you live, work and lead.

My supporting toolkits

I provide a toolkit of techniques, exercises and activities that will support the coaching work we do together. These toolkits will enable you to continue to explore and cement your learning in your own space and at your own pace.

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Clients who have let me loose on their leaders

British Equestrian
United Biscuits
Carlsberg Group
Sport + Recreation Alliance
The Law Society
UK Sport
KMI Brands
Camelot Global Services
Alzheimer's Society
Sterling Lexicon
The Brain Tumour Charity
And what they said

“Steph is one of the few people in my life that is able to cut through my nonsense, hold the mirror up and generally kick my ass to make me stop, reflect, learn and make choices.”

Sam Oliver, UK HR Director at Logicalis

And what they said

“Steph helped me realise that my personality was not suited to corporate life. She coached me through the transition from corporate board member to entrepreneur. I now get to be at my best every day, running a multimillion pound technology company and enjoying seeing something flourish and grow!”

Richard Alexander, Technology Director at Cinos Communications Services Limited

And what they said

“Steph ran a strengths-based team day for us and the feedback from the team has been fantastic. I am really delighted with how the day went and the contribution from everyone. Steph's style and approach really resonated with the team and encouraged an open and honest contribution from all. I look forward to working with Steph more in the future.”

Laura Brown, Retail Director at Harrods

And what they said

“Through comfortable, sociable, considerate, emotional and fun conversations Steph has helped me get complete clarity on what makes me who I am. Steph's laser focus is to unlock what makes you happy and then how you can use that to make a difference.”

Gary Lomas, Sales Director at Logicalis UK

And what they said

“After 15+ years working in my sector - and after having a baby which turned my life upside down - I decided that I'd like to set up my own business. But I was nervous about taking the plunge. Steph helped me find ways to increase my confidence, put my fear into perspective and tackle each of my concerns in turn. All this gave me the courage to hand in my notice and start flying solo!”

Nina Baum, MD of iNBusiness

And what they said

“We brought Steph on board to work with my team and she made a real positive difference. Steph is very approachable and inclusive. Following the intervention, the team are working visibility better together and there is a real sense of cohesion and team-think. We are already seeing tangible results. ”

Jonny Jacobs, Financial Controller at Pladis (formerly United Biscuits)

And what they said

“Coaching with Steph was invaluable in my corporate career by building my confidence to be myself at work. Then, largely thanks to the results of Steph's coaching, several months later I had the confidence to start my own company.”

Dan, MD of a Replenishment SME

And what they said

“Steph has given me the confidence and belief in my own abilities to see that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I totally recommend Steph and the work that she does.”

Gemma Staples, Platform Service Manager at Logicalis

And what they said

“I have gained tremendous value personally and professionally working with Steph. In particular I have admired how she combines her significant knowledge and expertise with intuition, incisiveness and warmth. Anyone who gets the benefit of experiencing Steph's skills is very lucky.”

Caroline Sullivan, Management & Leadership Development Consultant

And what they said

“Steph manages to make anyone totally relax in her presence. Her ability to tune into an individual's needs is second to none and is pragmatic, collaborative, challenging and supportive in working through ideas and solutions. I would very highly recommend her.”

Mike Byford, Central Operations and Change Director at Whitbread Restaurants

And what they said

“Steph is an exceptional coach. She manages to build a close rapport and develop the trust of people she works with very quickly. Her focus on strengths and positive outcomes stands Steph apart from others.”

Nigel Fletcher, Director for Group HR Transformation at Tesco

And what they said

“Steph helped me when I had become stuck and was struggling. She helped me to move forward in a positive way. I feel much more content and focused at work now and I am confident I can maintain this in the future.”

Grace Strong, Strategic Partnership Manager DNLR Community Rehabilitation

And what they said

“If you want to get intoxicated on a tidal wave of positive emotions and realise your full potential as an individual and a Team then join Steph Tranter and her Strengthscope programme. It allows each member of the Team to support one another by playing to their own strength's for the good of the group. I would highly recommend any Team who wants to improve their effectiveness and overall performance to embrace Strengthscope.”

Dickie Waygood MBE, Performance Director, British Equestrian - World Class Team