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How to choose your coaching programme?

Here's how my 3 Coaching programmes compare against each other, all will be run over 6 months:

Contents of Programs NudgeNudge ClarityClarity FlourishFlourish
1 hour free consultation
1.5-2 hour face to face coaching sessions6810
Priority phone/ email support between sessions--
Phone/ email support between sessions
World leading Strengths Assessment tool
Practical guidance on using using the resources in my Coaching toolkitSome toolsMost toolsAll tools

To help you choose the right programme, think about:

How clear are you on what you want to achieve?
How much depth would you like to go into?
How much personal development have you done already?

Choose the NUDGE Programme if:

  • You've done quite a lot of personal development
  • You are clear what you want to achieve but just not sure how to do it
  • You would like the coaching to be a bit of a nudge to keep you on track
  • You have a good level of support from family and friends but feel you would benefit further from an outside objective source of help.

Choose the CLARITY programme if:

  • You've done a bit of personal development
  • You can partly describe what you want, but could do with some help to get complete clarity
  • You want to explore things at a reasonable depth
  • You can talk to family and friends but don't always feel they are able to help.

Choose the FLOURISH Programme if:

  • You have not done much personal development
  • You are unsure on what you want or why you want it, but you know you want to change things (perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed)
  • You want to explore things in real depth
  • You have never really been able to talk openly to family and friends about how you feel

How to book?

If you wish to book or have any question or queries please do get in touch.

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