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My Humanness

As human beings, we all have brains, bodies and emotions. But somewhere along the line, someone forgot to educate us about these things. This has resulted in us not being very skilled at understanding or managing them.

I believe that if we had been taught about our emotions in school, then there wouldn't be as many people suffering with mental health issues or stress as there is today.

The tools and techniques on this page aim to correct that oversight in our education, with information about key elements of our brains and emotions to help you to understand and manage them better.

Learn about what makes you human:

My Emotions

Understand your emotions to help you manage them better.

Thoughts Feelings Behaviours

Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all linked. Change one to change the other two.

Our Negative Bias

How to break this natural bias so you can focus on the positive.

Emotion Regulation Systems

We switch between 3 systems in our brains to manage our emotions. Most problems occur when there is an imbalance in these systems.



This helps protect us.



This helps us manage distress.



This helps us seek resources.

How the brain can change and grow

Our brains are changeable so we can form new habits.

These tools will help you to understand and manage your emotions better.

See how our brains form habits and how it is possible to change


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