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My Uniqueness

You are made up of a unique set of skills, values, experience, passions, beliefs and natural strengths.

The tools and techniques on this page will help you to discover, reveal and celebrate what you have to offer the world that no-one else has.

Learn about what makes you unique:

What makes me Unique

How easily could you describe what makes you unique?

My Skills

Your skills are the things that you are good at.

My Experiences

You already have something of value to offer the world

My Beliefs

You have a whole bundle of helpful and unhelpful beliefs

My Passions

Your passions are the things that you care most about in life.

What gives me Energy

It is often our energy we need to manage, not our time. Do you know what restores your energy?

My Values

Your values guide how you behave, do you know yours?

My Strengths

Your strengths are the things that come naturally to you

These tools will help you to know and value what makes you unique.

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