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Hear it here first

It’s okay not to be okay, and other reasons why you should watch this!

So this is the TED talk I wish I’d written. I wish I’d written it because the speaker, Susan David, so beautifully and articulately describes something I care deeply about. Susan talks about how our lack of education (in schools and at home) around how to effectively deal with our emotions, is the cause of so much […]

The real causes and cure for depression

I was never formally diagnosed, but the fact that one drunken night in my early 20s I grabbed several packets of paracetamol and downed as many as I could with a bottle of Lambrusco and an intention to not be here the next day, was perhaps an indication that I wasn’t jumping for joy inside. […]

How to reduce frustration with one simple action!

Has someone at work ever pissed you off so much that you felt a huge surge of energy rise up through you, and it took all your strength not to punch them in the face? Have you then felt ashamed for feeling that way? But also, (if you’re being really honest), did a little bit […]

How to reduce the pain with one simple phrase!

Have you ever felt so sad, that you thought it would never end? So gripped by worry, that you couldn’t imagine it ever passing? Such an intense heat in your body, as you became consumed with anger, that it seemed impossible you’d ever feel any other way? And in those moments, have you told yourself; […]

The best thing you can do in uncertain times

During uncertain times, the best thing you can do is to focus on managing your energy & your emotions. Here’s 3 reasons why: 1. Managing your energy and emotions are in your control When everything suddenly becomes uncertain, there will be lots of things not in your control. But, how you feel, behave and spend […]